Let’s talk about self-care

by | Mar 24, 2022

Self care.

6 kids. 4 businesses. Lots of messiness.

This is all messy, hard, crazy, exhilarating, exhausting, and never turns out exactly how I thought it would. But I’m along for the ride. I sign up for it, in fact. And I go full speed. Who are my fellow speed racers, charging it in life? Squeezing every ounce of life outta the day?

This one’s for you.

There’s nothing wrong with the pace you keep. There’s nothing wrong with loving to run hard. God made you that way because there’s so much for you to do here. So keep running. But in order to keep running the race, you have to hit pause and take a pit stop every once in a while. Listen to yourself and when that time comes, pause. It’s what I did last week in Costa Rica.

Some people will tell you you’re selfish for caring for yourself, caring about yourself, and taking care of your emotional, physical, and financial self. Like a loving parent, if you were looking down from above, wouldn’t you want your child to love and care for themself? I want my children to.

Self care isn’t necessarily about a spa- but I needed it. Self care can be unplugging, reading a book for a day, lunching with a friend who feeds your soul, getting lost in the woods, blasting the music and driving, seeking spiritual guidance, therapy, a weekend away, or any number of things. Here’s what I’ve learned are signals self care is needed:

You can’t focus and you feel unclear about your next steps.

You’re feeling short tempered and stressed out.

You’re anxiety is rising, you’re unable to handle regular stressed without your heart racing.

You’re exhausted, depressed, or feeling less hopeful.

You feel disconnected, even from loved ones.

Your body hurts.

If you sense you need #selfcare tell me below what you’re going to do for yourself this week?


Brooke Hemingway

Business strategist, high performance coach, entrepreneur, networking expert, and mentor here to help you up-level your habits, mindset, and lifestyle to create a brand, a business, and the life you dream of and deserve

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