Hosting and speaking at events is one of my favorite things to do

Events are powerful.
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Being in community with people, pouring into them, and sharing truth about what it takes, how to get there, and why it matters in something I’m extremely passionate about.  

Having overcome so many obstacles on the path from traditional mom of 6 to multimillionaire business woman, I know the struggle it takes to transform to a million-dollar mindset.  

If you are curious about having me to speak at your mastermind, retreat, or on your event stage, fill out the contact for here. 

“Brooke is incredible. She brings you from stomach busting laughter, to the brink of tears, all while sharing real, down to the bones GOOD training, coaching, and education. Ever inspired by her.”


“Brooke isn’t your typical speaker. Be prepared for high energy, engagement, and truth talk when she takes the stage. This isn’t your normal sleep-inducing keynote.”

-Amberly Lago

Leading expert in sales coaching, leadership and development, and high-performance habits.


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Experience Speaking to Crowds Over 100K

25K Organization

Actively Leading a team of 25K

when you know, love, and accept yourself you are empowered. when you act from that place you are unstoppable

-Brooke Hemingway

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