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If you are someone who’s looking for a new direction in life, wanting to escape the traditional workforce scene and carve a path of your own, have a dream you want to fund but it takes money, love leadership or desire to become a leader, or know you’re meant for more than what you’re currently doing, keep reading!

why this, why now?

We live in a digital, online, social selling focused world now.

People love to buy online in simple, easy ways. This method of sales and marketing is brillianty aligned with the way people buy. It’s not the same as it was 10 years ago, and to be honest, social selling through a reputable brand isn’t what it was for your grandma. The ability to be incredibly successful and create financial security and abundance through harnessing the power of your network and helping others succeed is unlimited. With little to no experience, but a desire to contribute, grow, and learn proven methods, you can develop residual income (income that comes in residually month to month) immediately, whether that’s $500 a month or $50,000 a month. Based on your desire, effort, and willingness to learn and grow, the sky truly is the limit.

With the cost of living rising and the pressure of obligations, bills, and raising a family you might be feeling a squeeze. I also believe that most of us have realized over the past few years that life is short and time living life in your ideal way is THE WAY to go.  You don’t have to work a 9-5 for 40 years. It’s standard and common, but for many people it dulls life and kills dreams. This opportunity can transform your life, literally!

When thinking about how to choose a company, focusing on track record, sustainability, product usefulness, residual nature of the customer, and alignment with products and people are key factors. The truth is health and wellness is a record breaking industry as more and more people are focusing on health and wellness in natural ways.  As a former ICU RN and fitness professional, I chose this brand for a few reasons. I aligned with everything about it and I knew, after looking at the brand, the compensation, the culture, and the necessity of this product because of the incredible results it created, that I was in the right place. I know you’ll find that too!

“nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity”

H Jackson Brown Jr

It’s been said of many that missing opportunities os one of the greatest mistakes in life. I couldn’t agree more! You can pass this up, but if you never REALLY try something different, you’ll never really know what could have been. 

Why work with me?

The number one reason to work with me is because I care about what YOU want.  I’ve built multiple 7 figures with this brand and have 100% confidence in my ability to mentor and develop leaders.  I love developing leaders, so if you are a self-starter or have a desire to grow and develop into a leader, I am here to guide you.  I’ve learned that business is personal and I make my working relationships personal, with a desire to help you thrive in life, not just make a lot of money.  My relationships are strong with those I mentor and together we are on a mission to change lives through improved health and wellbeing.

Getting down to business, I’ll share some real statistics here, because I know that you have choices and I want you to have the facts:

  • LI grew a top level multiple 6-figure business in just 11 months with the brand. This is almost never done.
  • LI grew my business with a Facebook following of 150 friends, no IG, and no social media experience.
  • LI’m also an introvert living on a small island.

If I can do it, you can!  I had to learn everything, so I’ve become master at teaching it!

why me?

We have created one of the largest thriving teams of leaders within the brand

Within 3 years I had built a second top level business

Rising from the bottom to the top AGAIN, becoming the 3rd person in the history of the company to do that.  In total in my 7 years with this brand, and the 15 years it’s been in business, there are only 4 Double Diamonds.

I have a team of over 30 six-figure earners.  Through leadership development, we have created one of the largest thriving teams of leaders within the brand.  In addition, there are over 75 high 5 figure earners in my organization.

5 years into my career with this brand, I grew a 3rd top level position with my husband, becoming the first husband and wife within the brand to hold 3 Diamond positions. We are currently the only couple who have done this and we love paving the way for other couples! We work with purpose and our fire and passion builds others up.

As an individual I work hard to develop, learn, and grow, always wanting to become better for those I impact and lead. I pass this mentality on to my team, as well. If you want to grow, see a better life, and know there’s another version of you inside, this would be a vehicle to unlock that!


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I know you have a dream… 

I know it takes time, money, and motivation to make the dream a reality. This could be the way to get you there and in the process, uncover all your hidden talents and unique contributions to the world!

To schedule a REAL discussion about the huge potential of this brand and business and to see if this is a good fit, take a minute to fill out this short interest form.  Serious inquiries only, please.

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