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Come see what’s inside The Good Life Pink Club Coaching Community

  • LPrivate Facebook Group
  • LMonthly Work With Me Calls
  • LLive coaching sessions
  • LAnnual Business Boot Camp
  • LBonus resources for your business
  • LAbility to apply for live coaching

The exclusive Good Life  Pink Club Coaching Community is for entrepreneurs seeking success with soul

The one stop Community for your success strategy and alignment work. Together we will align your life, transform your future, and ignite your ambition. Monthly coaching on topics crucial to your success, happiness, relationships, and business. Providing 24/7 access to content and coaching anytime you need it, on your own time.

Live Coaching

Get your questions answered in live facebook coachings twice a month. More than surface level, we go deep.

Expert Guests

Work with me calls twice a month. Where we will figure out where you need to focus on your business and actually get to work.


Our thriving community provides support, connection, feedback, and recognition in a space with other like minded individuals looking to make an impact and income. It is a safe space to share and learn. Community support is absolutely necessary for your growth.

24/7 Resources

Through the facebook group, you have access to recorded video trainings and coaching sessions, workbook materials, members only content, foundational courses, and a search feature for finding topics you want to learn on.

Why I created the Good Life Coaching Community

There is nothing like the energy and positive influence of other goal-oriented, driven, passionate people coming together to support one and other. I wanted a safe space for you to grow and learn on your terms, schedule, and pace. Virtual coaching allows just that.

Coaching in the group setting is very powerful. You can learn a lot through watching others be coached and have their own break throughs. Our basic human needs and challenges are similar. I’ve created a place where anyone at any stage of entrepreneurship can receive high level coaching and mentorship at a fraction of the price than these programs typically cost.

The depth of coaching, resources, and experts in the Coaching Community is like a mastermind at a McDonald’s price tag.

let’s get started

Who’s This For?

The Community is for the person who wants…

  • LClarity on their goals and next steps
  • LIncreased energy and excitement about the work
  • LIncreased confidence and belief in self
  • LTo expand their business and income without their family, health, or relationships suffering
  • LTo learn from top experts in the industries of marketing, social media, coaching, business strategy, and mindset
  • LTo maximize their time and learn how to be more intentional so that the quality of life is greater
  • LTo once and for all establish habits that support long term success, not fleeting one-time goal achievement
  • LTo enhance their quality of life and enrich their joy and fulfillment

Gina shares

“I just wanted to say thank you. You have literally changed my life in so many ways. Every day I am blown away by all that you offer me. I think if it wasn’t for you, I might have given up a long time ago.

You have helped me to have the courage to keep going and uncover my dreams. You are one of the most generous, caring, giving people I have ever met. You are so humble and grounded. It is truly is hard to put all of this into words, but thank you for changing my life.

I can hardly wait for Align. Because of Align, I met Alejandra, and she is literally saving my marriage. I’ve met Serah, and she is helping me develop my brand and find my voice. I’m so excited to see what is next.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are an absolute blessing in my life.”

visualize this…
  • LWaking up energized and excited about your future and the work you get to do
  • LHaving a clear path forward towards your goals, knowing it is inevitable
  • LSkipping the unnecessary and learning exactly what to do to get to where you want to be
  • LNo longer feeling anxiety, stress, or worry when it comes to your future
  • LHaving the confidence to accomplish anything you set out to do
  • LAttracting the people and prosperity into your life that you desire
  • LHaving mental clarity and tools to help transform your thoughts into powerful beliefs that make you unstoppable
  • LEnjoying your definition of the good life, full of the people, things, places, and experiences you love
results don’t lie


Got Questions

What if I change my mind about the Good Life Coaching Community?

No refunds. I know you’re investment will pay off as you put in the time and focus to grow, learn, and change. Have confidence in your decisions and be an ALL IN kind of person to see your results drastically change in life and business. It’s normal to have doubts but trust your gut. You made the right decision.

Where do I find the recording and links to join calls?

All content can be found on the private facebook page. Once you sign up for your Pink Club subscription you can request to join the facebook group.  Here you will find all recordings, links for calls and schedules.

What if I can't attend live coaching?

All coaching sessions, masterclasses, and expert guests, as well as podcasts are recorded and uploaded to our private facebook group and can be accessed at your convenience.

How long can I access the live coaching?

Live coaching and all other content is available as long as your membership is current and till the end of that billing cycle. Once it lapses, your access is no longer available. It’s an interactive, always growing and building community. New content drops weekly and monthly.

Where are the meet ups?

Annual meet up is determined 2-3 months in advance and will be announced within the community and via email. Keep your eyes peeled and let’s meet up!

Can I coach privately one-on-one with Brooke?

I do not regularly take on one-on-one clients anymore, with few exceptions. To apply for one-on-one coaching and inquire about rates, email

The best access to more personalized experiences and in depth coaching is through the Mastermind membership, High Performance Coaching, and the POD coaching experience. If you’re looking to invest in the next level beyond The Good Life Coaching Community, check out the benefits of being a part of the Mastermind. 

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.

tony robbins

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