More than money, But the money comes, too.

If there’s one mistake I made in growing my business, it was in waiting too long to hire a coach and seek out mentors. I waited almost 4 years and came frighteningly close to burnout. I had the success, money, and recognition, but my life was overcommitted, my business was sucking the life out of me, my family was suffering, and I didn’t have the tools to simplify. I was terrified to slow down and thought I’d lose it all if I didn’t charge ahead at 100mph. Having a coach who challenged me, saw what I couldn’t see, and helped me navigate the changes I needed to make was invaluable.

your coaching path

You are your most valuable investment

Coaching elevates your business and personal life, guiding you to your own personal alignment. It clears a path for success done right.




This is the exclusive upper-level mastermind for successful female entrepreneurs looking to bring more joy to their journey, fulfillment in their work, simplification of their systems, and solutions to problems they face. Whether it’s dealing with burn out, seeking clarity, or scaling your next big idea, this exclusive mastermind is for top performers like you. Begins January 2024.

High Performance

Group Coaching

Based on the sought-after strategies and coaching methodology of the world’s leading coach, Brendon Burchard, this 12 week course will help you hone in on greater clarity, productivity, energy, influence, and emotional wellness as you grow your business. Space is limited to 50 participants. 

Pod Coaching


A pod is a self created group of up to 15 people. In this intimate setting, I mentor your group, team, or business through transition, marketing and branding, strategy and systems, or any other personalized needs for a 12 week period of time. Additionally, this includes the option of 3 hours of in person or virtual speaking for your group.

The Good Life Coaching Community

Monthly Coaching

The one stop Community for your success strategy and alignment work. Together we will align your life, transform your future, and ignite your ambition. Monthly coaching on topics crucial to your success, happiness, relationships, and business. Providing 24/7 access to content and coaching anytime you need it, on your own time.

one good mentor can be more informative than a college education and more valuable than a decade’s income.

Sean Stephenson

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