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by | Mar 24, 2022

“Where there is no movement, there is pain. Where there is movement, there is no pain.” Old Chinese Proverb

For decades I have been moving my body. Movement has been a way to release pain, process pain, and free myself from pain that is inevitable in the gift of living. It’s why I talk about it so much. Movement is its own kind of medicine, and through it you will achieve the greatest health of your life.

I don’t move to be skinny. I move to release and to feel alive. I move because my body was made to move. No matter where you are in the world, or what access you have to fancy equipment or programs or NO such thing exists near you, if you will commit to daily movement, your life will forever be changed. Through 6 babies and 25 years in health and wellness, here are my tips for making this a routine in your life:

Schedule it in. If it’s a real appointment, you’ll treat it as a must.

Set yourself up the night before. Clothes and shoes out, podcast or music selected. Have yourself prepared for success.

Make it fun. If you’ve been doing the same thing and you hate it, mix it up. There are endless online free workouts on YouTube.

Trick yourself. I always start by saying “I’m just doing 20 minutes” #6for6 but by the end it’s almost always 30-60 minutes of heart and muscle pumping movement. But if there is a day when 20 is it, I feel just as accomplished.

Speak kind words to your body. At the end of your workout take even just 1-2 minutes to stretch and thank your magnificent body for carrying you through movement, and life. I do this.

Make it a family affair. That means your family knows this is just something you do, so they might have to wait 20 minutes for you, or they can join you. My girls are often doing squats with me. Our whole house moves. #generationalhealth

Treat this as a sign of self respect and reverence for the body God has given you. Movement is an act of gratitude. THANK YOU, LORD!! You gave me a body and I will take care of it!

What are your tips for staying active throughout life?

Last night’s little trail run through the trees in Costa Rica ended with Oceanside riding. It was beautiful. We did an hour together, just Thomas, Isaac, and I.


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