Be Present, Mama

by | Jul 5, 2021

Being present hasn’t always been my strength. I’m a work in progress!

I could pride myself on doing 5,624 things in one day #productive but not necessarily always the RIGHT things or with the RIGHT people. Don’t get me wrong, I am still incredibly productive and can get more done in a focused day than many in a month, but I no longer pride myself on being busy or multitasking.

Multitasking doesn’t work so well, actually, and research proves it. You’re better off blocking your time in increments and being lazer focused and intentional during that time. Making the shift made me less of a busy bee and gave me time I could focus with these people. If you want to get rid of the busy badge try these things:

Ask yourself “Is this essential to my business/growth/progress today? Is it a must do?”

What am I avoiding doing that actually needs to be done and instead buffering with busy activities? What am I so afraid of?

Which tasks or items would help me feel like I won the day?

Set a time limit on each activity. The first time you do this you won’t finish on time and you’ll be tempted to keep going. Don’t. Over time you’ll discipline yourself to work more intentionally and get things done faster (instead of “perfectly”) so you have more time freedom later.

When you tell the people you love you’ll be done for the day, be done.

There is almost nothing that can’t wait until tomorrow and if you discipline yourself by removing the non-essential and setting time limits, you’ll begin to own your time instead of your time owning you.

Here’s to a day of #timefreedom from this hard working, happy hustling #momof6 who no longer celebrates #multitasking and increasing cherishes clarity, time limits, boundaries, and intentional work. Drop a below if you’re ready to get rid of the busy badge, too, mamas!!!!


Brooke Hemingway

Business strategist, high performance coach, entrepreneur, networking expert, and mentor here to help you up-level your habits, mindset, and lifestyle to create a brand, a business, and the life you dream of and deserve

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